Top ten electrical tips that the public should be aware of when choosing an electrical contractor

It’s never good to be in a profession which often comes under attack for the poor performance of some of it’s contemporaries, but electricians can sometimes be tarred with the same brush when one bad apple spoils the barrel. We’ve been doing a bit of electrical contractor soul searching recently and have come up with a list of five points that we feel every Leicester electrician should have in order to gain the trust of his clients…

1. All electrical contractors in Leicester worth their weight should be a part of one of the following schemes: ELECSIA, NAPIT, BSI, NICEIC. This is something that we will show you without hesitation as it is our certificate to say we are trustworthy.

2. Referral. In the electrical industry a lot of work comes through word of mouth. So if your friends or family recommend us it clearly shows that they are happy with our quality and pricing and that is reflected through their recommendation.

3. We provide clear and realistic advice, whilst money is never the subject people wish to bring up and discuss it is something that both parties need to be made aware of from the beginning of projects.

4. We make it clear how any electrical work will affect your building regulations and insurance and supply the relevant documentation.

5. We make sure it works. If we wire a new socket fitting for you and it is a dud, we will change it. This may seem simplistic but you would be surprised how often faulty equipment is installed by electricians in Leicester and left to the home-owner to pick up the cost.


And also a list of five things that a customer should be weary of:


1. Beware of the door to door tradesman and salesman, they are often charming but are generally looking to make a quick buck and will often try and sell you work that you do not want or even need completing.

2. Make sure you get a written estimate from your electrical contractor, this should be free. It is worth noting also that this is not the same as a contract so if you decide to go with an electrician make sure you get a contract written up; this not only keeps you safe but also makes the job a lot clearer to all parties involved.

3. Never pay anything up front. You can pay in instalments to your electrician if it will help with the cost of materials but again be aware to get this all signed off before a project begins. Also, for amounts over £100 pay via a credit card as this offers you the greatest amount of security.

4. Shop around. You don’t have to go with the first one you see, getting written estimates from two to three companies and choose the one that suits you best.

5. Run a background check. The electrician you choose should be part of a Competent Persons scheme, this shows that they have registered and are not only traceable but will also be of a certain standard.


You have been advised and you have been warned; fortunately there are no flies on us as we operate in a transparent and personal manner. Feel free to get in touch if you have any queries regarding our practices or if you have any electrical work that needs professional completing.

Contact PB Ross electricians of Leicester if you have any queries or alternatively give us a call on 0116 277 3162.

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