The dangers of electricity and how Leicester electrician PB Ross can make you safer

Few people would dispute the usefulness of electricity particularly us electrical contractors. Similarly few would argue about its unsafe properties if not properly controlled. Any voltage between 40 and 50 volts is potentially lethal for humans; a shock at this level can block electrical signals in the body which can result in breathing difficulties, muscle spasms and even pulmonary arrest as the electricity generally attacks the respiratory system. To put this into context, the average cordless drill has a 24 volt battery and plug sockets in the United Kingdom operate at 240 volts so dangerous power sources are around us constantly

By no means should we all throw our toasters in the bin and live in fear but it is definitely worthwhile to not only give electricity a thought from time to time but to also get certain appliances tested by our trained electrical contractors, particularly those that are used frequently as wires are prone to coming lose and even deteriorating when used frequently for long periods of time.

So whilst there are around 6,700 fires a year that the Health and Safety Executive believe to be initiated from electrical faults it is easily avoidable as long as one regularly PAT tests their equipment from a professional electrician and gets their house checked up every ten years to ensure there is no signs of deterioration in your wiring.

It is somewhat unnerving to know that electric shocks from static build up from your average car door has a strength of around 10,000 volts, fortunately the duration of the shock is so minute that it is safe for humans, if a little unpleasant.

With all of the doom and gloom of electrical fires and electric shocks it is worth remembering that they are both easily avoidable if you get in touch with one of our electricians. And whilst they can protect your home they cannot, unfortunately, prevent static shocks from your car door.

Contact PB Ross Leicester electricians if you have any queries or alternatively give us a call on 0116 277 3162.

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