The dangers of defective electrical installations and wiring in old houses

In the UK electrical consumption grew by 2.4% each year between 1970 and 2005; this means that older houses in Leicester are at risk from not only old electrics and wiring falling into an unsafe condition, but also the overloading of the circuit board system in general. This is why it is important to get your electrics checked out by professional electricians, particularly if you live in old town houses or terrace homes.

Unfortunately, throughout the 20th century the electrics in these houses have been continually added to and are now at the very brink, with circuits being severely overloaded, providing headaches for the most skilled of electrical contractors. Each generation of house owner has grown accustomed to a greater reliance upon electricity and that means that circuit boards have been indiscriminately treated over the past few generations. This is why everyday practices, such as boiling the kettle, can blow or trip the circuit board, as old systems struggle to cope with today’s reliance on all things electric.

Our Leicester electricians are highly trained in the modernisation of struggling circuit boards and can also check your wiring systems and appliances throughout your house to make sure that you are operating safely at home.

Contact PB Ross electricians of Leicester if you have any queries or alternatively give us a call on 0116 277 3162.

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