Ten Top Tips to save money on your electricity bills from Leicester’s leading electricians

People love to save money, no matter what shape the economy is in. Here at PB Ross – Leicester-based electrical contractors – we have collated a list of our ten favourite ways to reduce the costs that are ultimately stumped up by us all. They’re all commonsense ideas to help you reduce your electricity consumption, and all easily attainable.

1. Get our electrical contractors to install a digital thermostat. This saves the average household between 10 and 15% on your electricity bills annually and a reduction in temperature by 1˚C saves about £40 a year.

2. A simple one but energy efficient bulbs use about 75% less power to light a room and they last longer. Also see if you can light a room using less bulbs than you currently do, it takes a lot less than you would think and doesn’t require an electrician.

3. Installing a motion sensor on your outside light not only maintains your security but it also reduces its usage by around 90%. Our Leicester electricians can fit one in a jiffy.

4. If you wash your clothes at 30˚C rather than at 40˚C you use 40% less energy and most modern detergents contain enzymes that are still effective at this lower temperature.

5. When you are cooking resist opening the oven door, you lose about 20˚C every time the door opens, making your oven work harder and burning a hole in your pocket.

6. Similarly your fridge takes three minutes to chill back down for every minute it is open. Keep your head out of the fridge and take yourself to a restaurant with your saved pennies.

7. An oldie – don’t put appliances on standby, a DVD player will use 85% of its energy to maintain that little red light, something that no Leicester electrician would dare do.

8. If you insulate your boiler properly you can save 15% on your bills annually by reducing lost heat. Also if your boiler is old, it may be inefficient and need replacing. Finally, check your boilers temperature as it is usually set far too high for most home’s needs.

9. Your parents were right, don’t leave the lights on; it is very expensive. Also we install lighting systems so your house can be on dimmers increasing the ambience and the savings.

10. And finally, lose the gadgets. Whilst some are very useful others bring shame on the term ‘invention’, no one needs an electric can opener or a leaf blower, so stick to the old fashioned approach. Similarly, for those invaluable gadgets don’t overcharge them, they will continue to draw power and this will significantly reduce the battery life.

Our electrical contractors also fit electrical metres so you can monitor how much energy you are using so you can see which category of consumer you fall into.

Contact PB Ross electricians in Leicester if you have any queries or alternatively give us a call on 0116 277 3162.


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