Solar Panel Installation Services In East Midlands

The institute for public policy research (IPPR) has made it clear that the Government should make up their minds on whether to commit to cutting carbon commissions or not. The confusion about the decisions are causing the sector to be jittery and also about the investment being put in.

Businesses and home owners are in limbo with the outcome and are in search for reassurance from the government for consistent support towards their investment in reducing their carbon emissions. The mixed range of  signals first started when the government initially promised ambitious targets but then started leading away to it slowly fizzing out due to the climate of the economy.

With this issue being voiced, the department of energy and climate of change spokesman announced that the government is offering a reform to the electricity market and allowing investors certainty with revolutionising the energy efficiency across homes in the UK.

If you are thinking about investing in a greener living then don’t be put off by the confused state that the government is in. the future of green energy sources will become more and more popular and jumping onto the new trend would not only save you money but also do your part early in maintaining a greener environment.

At PB Ross we offer a solar panel installation service which allows you to create renewable energy for your home. Solar panel energy is a good way to cut the cost of your electricity bills, get paid for the electricity generated, reduces your carbon footprint and also maybe selling energy back to the grid.

If these benefits sound tempting then call PB Ross today. We are a Leicester electrician company specialising in solar panel installation offering services from;domestic solar panel installation to commercial solar panel installation.

Our team of approved solar panel installers are happy to answer in questions, so contact us today.


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