Save money on your gas and electric bills with meter installation from PB Ross

With gas and electric bills rising all the time, it is even more important to keep an eye on how much on a day to day basis you are spending on simple activities like cooking, watching television, surfing the internet etc. PB Ross, the Leicester based electrical contractor can offer a solution that can help you save money. Our qualified electricians can install a smart meter for you.

By having a smart meter you will have complete control over how much you are spending each day. Meters acknowledge everything that uses gas or electricity. As well as this, they will let you know exactly how much activities cost.

Such a simple electrical device will help you gain habits that will cut down the price of your electric bills. For example, you’ll learn to turn off lights when you leave rooms, or turn off your Sky box when you’ve finished watching the television.

All of Our electrical installers use a smart meter themselves and can personally vouch you that the habits you’ll learn will save you money.

So call PB Ross on 0116 277 3162 for our electrical services and start saving money on your gas and electric bills today! Alternatively, email PB Ross.


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