PB Ross provide domestic electrical maintenance in Leicester

When it comes to repairing electrical maintenance it can be dangerous if you do not know exactly what you are doing. There are different types of electrical injuries that can happen, from minor shocks to even a more severe injury relating to death.

Electrical injuries can be caused by a wide range of voltages, depending on the individual and the circumstances as well. AC and DC electrical supplies can causes a range of injuries ranging from electric shocks, thermal burns, electrical burns and also loss of muscle control.

Electric shocks- Can be caused by static electricity and the effects can range from a small muscle spasm to even a more severe shock that can stop the heart from beating properly and even prevent them from breathing as well. With the initial muscle spasm from the electric shock it can cause very severe muscle spasms strong enough to break bones or dislocate joints.

Electrical burns- Can be so severe that it can result in surgery or even permanent disabling. These types of burns result from higher voltages but may also occur from domestic household electricity as well.

Thermal burns- Can be caused by faulty, incorrect electrical maintenance or even low voltage batteries that can get hot and may explode if they get shorted out. With such explosions from happening or even getting too near to the hot surface they can result in injuries.

With such horrific injuries that are capable, the best possible way to know that your house is going to be safe is by calling in a professional electrician. With our professional expertise you will be in safe hands as we are a leading Midlands electrical contractor.

PB Ross are members of the NICEIC, ECA, CHAS, APEA, CompEx, and are continually updated with all the latest changes and legislations within the industry. So contact us today and you will be in safe hands.


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