Our electrical contractors in Leicester provide maintenance and repairs keeping you safe

Letting your electrical appliances fall into a defective and compromised state is not only dangerous but it is ultimately more costly to replace than it would be to simply maintain and repair. In the very worst cases faulty electrics can lead to a loss of life. In five years* there were two such cases at the MBC where two men unfortunately lost their lives through electrical equipment that had been left to get in to a dangerous state.

The latter of the two cases involved an electrical contractor who was looking at a faulty air conditioning unit which was still, sadly, running a live current. The terrible cases at the MBC not only resulted in the unnecessary loss of two human lives but also cost the company £400,000 in fines, a tarnished image and criminal convictions. All of which could have easily been avoided.

At PB Ross – Leicester’s premier electrical contractors – we not only strive to provide the safest working conditions for your employees, as well as our own, this can only be achieved through rigorous training and precautionary methods on our side and keeping up to date with your inspections and phoning in any difficulties on your side.

Through our efforts, we can virtually eradicate the risk of electrical harm and reduce the necessity to replace broken goods for you if they can be repaired.

We offer, thorough our testing and auditing service, the opportunity to have your goods in closely inspected – whilst repairing any areas that may be of immediate or future danger to you, your colleagues or your family.

*HSE web page.

Contact PB Ross of Leicester if you have any queries or alternatively give us a call on 0116 277 3162.



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