Leicester electricians offer alarm system installation for home and business

The sound of a home alarm or a business premises alarm in the distance is usually very annoying when it’s not yours. But when in fact your property is under attack, you’ll be very grateful for having such a good security system installed.


At the end of the day, we all know an alarm is one of the most effective ways to fend off unwanted burglars. If you are considering a security alarm then you should look no further than PB Ross’s electrical installations.

These days, alarms are a little more tech advanced. Between the options of monitoring and self-monitoring alarm systems you can get your hands on something that is appropriate for the security of you and your business.

We all think of alarms to be typically noisy deterrents. For example, there was the famous Mosquito Alarm that warded yobs off the street, preventing street crime and intimidation to passersby. And so, noisy alarms have always worked in a productive way. But monitoring alarms and self-monitoring alarm systems really go one step further.

Imagine being able to directly communicate and divert intruders that forcefully enter your property. Monitored alarm systems now feature this powerful device meaning that burglaries can be monitored through microphones installed in your home or business. Equally as useful are the self-monitoring alarm systems that alert you directly of any intrusions of your property, whether it is your home or business. Alarm systems give you the option to take action against preventable crimes.

Break-ins and burglaries are said to be on the rise meaning that our home and business premises need protecting. There has never been more of a reason to guard your property with the appropriate equipment that can be attained through our alarm installations.

You may also be interested in our home CCTV installations and business security systems installations. For an informal chat to discuss what security installations we can offer you, please contact Pete Ross – Managing Director – on either 0116 277 3162 or 07710 004 354.


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