Buying used products online is quick and convenient, but be wary of electrical goods

So many of us now make our purchasing decisions online that it’s now become second nature. Whether it’s food or clothing, books or DVDs, pretty much anything can be bought on the internet. This includes electrical goods too, which is fine if bought from a reputable online retailer, but what about second hand used electricals from reseller sites? Leading Leicester electrician PB Ross warns about the pitfalls of doing so.“Buying electrical goods online at reseller websites such as eBay can be risky”, says PB Ross managing director Pete Ross.

“The problem is that you can never fully know the history of anything you buy second hand, and in the case of electrical goods this can often be dangerous. There could very well be electrical faults that you won’t be aware of until it’s too late. They could manifest at the point of first use, resulting in injury or even death from electric shock. There’s also the chance that components may have worn out, leading to a failure to work. It’s not like with brand new electrical goods from reputable retailers, where you have the expectation that the product is in top condition without having been previously used. There’s also the legal protection you get with new purchases, something you won’t find with used goods.

“Another consideration when buying used electrical goods online is their suitability for the UK market. Sometimes you can end up with a product that is designed to work in a foreign country. This can be very dangerous as the product build and components may not meet UK standards for reliability and safety, or even have been certified for UK standards of testing. If you’re unfortunate enough to experience this you’re not only risking you life but also making an expensive mistake which will hurt you in the pocket.”

When it comes to electrical goods you should do the safe thing and avoid used goods purchased online. It could save your life.

Leicester electrician provides PAT Testing

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