Leicester electrician says Christmas is coming, so be aware of electrical hazards

PAT Testing

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is almost upon us. No doubt many of us are still running around desperately trying to find the perfect gifts for our friends and loved ones. Times are tough, so there will be many bargains to be had, but make sure you take care when it comes to electrical products. This Leicester electrician knows the dangers of poorly made electrical goods.

If it seems to good to be true it probably is, certainly with electrical products. There are many fakes and knock-offs out there tempting us to part with our hard earned cash, but don’t be seduced. If you make the wrong decision and buy untrustworthy electricals you run the risk of personal injury or even death. Electricity is not to be treated lightly, and if you buy uncertified electrical goods you’re putting at risk both yourself and your friends/family. You could receive electric shock, or start an electrical fire, simply because the wiring, components and workmanship of shoddy, knock-off electricals is unreliable, invariably untested and certainly uncertified.

If you have any doubts at all about the safety of an electrical product you should walk away and find something else. You may even consider contacting Trading Standards authorities to ensure that no one else falls victim to dodgy electrical goods. You should always be wary and only purchase electrical goods through legitimate retailers.

Leicester electricians warn of electrical fires in the homeWe all vaguely recall incidents Christmas past where families have been killed in house fires because of faulty electrical goods. Make sure you don’t fall victim this Christmas.

Leicester electrician offers PAT Testing

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