Don’t be affected by a power cut. Get emergency lights installed by a leading electrician service

The majority of businesses today rely on electricity to run. This powers the product/services they’re selling, right through to the appearance of the working area. Alongside this, many buildings are now of such a size or build that natural light is hard to find. This means that we are dependent on electrical lighting. But, what would happen if there was a power cut? Would you be happy losing out on many hours worth of business whilst the power was restored? If not, then you should get emergency lights installed by PB Ross, an electrical contractor from Leicester that has the skills to get the job done right.

Emergency lighting installation is not, however, just a case of keeping business. Fire regulations require you to have emergency lighting to ensure there is a clear route and safe passage to fire escapes in the event that a fire cuts the power supply that lights the building.

Don’t risk any unnecessary safety issues; let PB Ross’ 20 years of experience insure that your lighting and commercial electric installation is done properly and to the standards set by the health and safety executive.

Contact us today on 0116 277 3162 to discuss what our emergency light installers can offer you. Our quality electrical services are very affordable and our electronic installers are skilled and experienced meaning you can feel safe putting your businesses power supply in PB Ross’ hands.

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