Keep your home safe from burglars whilst you’re away. Get Security installation done by PB Ross

The summer is here, and you’re all excited about the holidays you booked months in advance. You’ve bought all your new clothes, your passports are all up to date, but is your home safe from burglars while you’re away? PB Ross electrical contractors can improve the safety of your house with home security installation.

Our security systems are top of the range technology and help keep houses and businesses safe from theft. You can choose from two different types of Burglar alarm, either monitored alarms or self monitoring alarms.

Monitored alarms mean they are linked to an alarm monitoring centre, for a small fee each day, so that there is no chance your alarm will be ignored.

Self monitoring alarms mean that they simply alert anyone that is around the area that your house has been trespassed on.

Our licensed electricians are also able to install CCTV systems, so your house can have 24 hour surveillance, making sure your perimeter is kept safe.

So contact PB Ross, the Leicester based electronic installers on 0116 277 3162 and feel safer knowing your home is protected whilst you’re away.

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