Carbon monoxide: the silent killer. Leicester’s premier electricians keep your family safe

With another long and cold winter approaching it is getting to that point within the year where it is time to get the hat and scarf out, go for a walk and to curl up in front of a blazing fire with a glass of mulled wine. But as tempting and cosy as this sounds, there are unseen dangers lurking.

The trouble is that gas, and even traditional wood or coal burning stoves, produce a lot of potentially harmful gases that you will have no chance of seeing. This is why it is essential to get a carbon monoxide detector electrically installed, as a standard smoke detector will be unable to detect the build-up of this potentially lethal gas.

The average lifespan of the carbon monoxide detector is roughly 7 years and can be either battery operated or ran off the mains electricity with a battery back-up; our electrical contractors can install either to meet your specific requirements.

The danger that arises from carbon monoxide occurs because it is colour and odour less, making the presence of a detector invaluable as prolonged exposure to even low concentrations can be potentially fatal within humans.

Once the carbon monoxide detector is installed, you are free to enjoy your mulled wine and bask in the glow of a roaring fire safely, with the only worry on your mind being if there is anything worth watching on the television.

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