New Electrical contractors’ qualification available

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NICEIC, the electrical installation board that PB Ross of Leicester are members of, have joined forces with EAL – one of the leading examining boards of engineering, manufacturing building services – to produce better training and qualifications for people working within the electro-technical and renewable energy industry.

PB Ross provide domestic electrical maintenance in Leicester

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When it comes to repairing electrical maintenance it can be dangerous if you do not know exactly what you are doing. There are different types of electrical injuries that can happen, from minor shocks to even a more severe injury relating to death. Electrical injuries can be caused by a wide range of voltages, depending Read More »

PAT Test Services From A Professional Electrician

PAT Testing

Whether you own a business or work in a busy working environment you may think that your electrical appliances are safe and free from causing an accident. Not everyone will know that for the safety of the business the equipment will need to be PAT tested. It is not compulsory to have your products tested Read More »

Solar Panel Installation Services In East Midlands

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The institute for public policy research (IPPR) has made it clear that the Government should make up their minds on whether to commit to cutting carbon commissions or not. The confusion about the decisions are causing the sector to be jittery and also about the investment being put in. Businesses and home owners are in Read More »

The ABC for security system installations

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You know it and it is in your hands that the wellbeing of your family endures. Obviously, it is impossible to keep safety of yours while being out of home, but inside your walls you have all the choices ‘to guard your castle’ and that means to reduce the risks of robbery, fire and other Read More »

Computer network installation from your local electrical contractor

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Whether you are a company, organization or individual, a correctly wired computer network is essential for your day to day needs. In today’s technology-driven world it’s hard to think of anywhere that doesn’t in one way or another require or depend on a network. From a major company intranet to your own personal home network  Read More »

Excessive electrical safety testing draws criticism from the HSE

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A recent Health & Safety Executive (HSE) press release has criticised electrical contractors for excessive and unnecessary electrical safety tests for office-based businesses, believed to cost an estimated £30 million annually. The HSE suggests that misleading advice and advertising is contributing to businesses – including shops, offices and hotels – paying unnecessarily for electrical maintenance. HSE Chair Judith Hackitt, speaking Read More »

Electrical contractor health and safety: we’re proud of our record

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It should go without saying that employee and customer health and safety is the number one priority of all electrical contractors, but the sad truth is that not all local electricians practice this philosophy, resulting in electrical accidents and subsequent prosecutions. As a limited company of thirteen years standing, PB Ross electrical contractors are proud Read More »

Leicester electrician excited that ‘decorated’ nanowires may lead to improved solar cell and battery efficiency

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Engineers at Stanford University, California, are developing a new approach designed to improve the efficiency of  solar cells and batteries… By “decorating” nanowires with chains of nanoparticles the process increases the surface area of the wires, thus improving their catalytic activity. The development may lead to better lithium-ion batteries and more efficient solar cells, according to a Read More »

Failure to follow safety procedures results in cutting of live 11,000 volt cable

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A demolition worker has suffered 20% burns after he was engulfed in flames following an attempt to cut a live 11,000 volt cable at an electricity substation in Worcester. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuted DSM Demolition Ltd of Birmingham and Halesowen-based Gould Singleton Architects Ltd (GSA) following the incident in July 2006, resulting in fines Read More »

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