FAQ – Lightbulb Wattage

Q: Do you really have to adhere to the wattage listed on all light fixtures and lamps?

A: As leading electricians in Leicestershire, we get asked this question quite often, and the answer is a simple yes, you need to use lightbulbs with the correct wattage. Not only is it a code violation to put a higher watt bulb into a light fixture, but it’s also very dangerous. The heat from a bulb can damage or melt the socket and insulation onto the wires. This increases the risk of sparks arcing from one wire to another and causing electrical fires. Once the damage is done you risk a fire even if you return to using the correct wattage.

If you need a brighter light in a room, there are a few safe solutions. First, consider using energy saving bulbs since they tend to give brighter light at a lower wattage. Adding an extra lamp to a room can also brighten it up.  You can also give our team of electrical engineers a call to install a new light fixture that is designed for higher watt bulbs.

Using the correct wattage for your light bulbs is an easy way to maintain safe electrical practices.

For more information on our electrical installation services, contact our electrical engineers today.

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